Ecotours are fun and educational for all ages and a great way to see the natural side of the Florida Keys. Wildlife is abundant. Herons, ibis, egrets, pelicans, colorful fish, sea turtles and occasionally dolphin or the rare manatee may be seen. Every tour is different in that you never know what might pop up and surprise you. Low tide is the best time to see wading birds or to see sharks, bonefish, stingrays taking advantage of fish exposed on the shallow flats and tide pools. Midday is the best time to look for fish. The direct sunlight penetrates the clear waters and allows you to see colorful fish, corals and sponges. Four major marine ecosystems provide a variety of habitat viewing: coral reef, mangrove, seagrass beds, and hardbottom (sponge beds). A few of the activities that may be enjoyed during our ecotours are listed below.


Bird watching: Bird watchers often find new species of birds for their bird lists. Some of these rare birds include the mangrove cuckoo, magnificent frigate bird, palm warbler, reddish egret, osprey. Sunset during the Fall is the best time for viewing courtship displays and nest building activities. See our wildlife sighting calendar. Low tide is the best time for watching wading birds feeding on the flats. Anytime during the year, you might see an osprey plunge down feet first to grab a fish with its talons or see a graceful frigate bird pluck a fish from the water with its beak.


Dolphin and manatee encounters: What a thrill to see wild dolphin jumping and cavorting with each other. Manatee may appear when you least expect them, often right at the marina where they seem to be seeking a dripping freshwater faucet or the water running off a boat being washed. Most manatees are here during the winter when temperatures in North Florida drop and the warm waters of the Keys attracts them.