Bird watchers often find new species of birds for their bird lists. Some of these rare birds include the mangrove cuckoo, magnificent frigate bird, palm warbler, reddish egret, osprey. Sunset during the fall and winter is the best time for viewing courtship displays and nest building activities. See our wildlife sighting calendar. Low tide is the best time for watching wading birds feeding on the flats. Anytime during the year, you might see an osprey plunge down feet first to grab a fish with its talons or see a graceful frigate bird pluck a fish from the water with its beak.

Birding photos can be seen in our Photo Gallery!

At sunset we go inside a mangrove island to watch the local birds arriving home for the night. It is called a bird rookery. Similar to a happy hour for people, the birds are just as noisy with their various squawks, grunts and gurgles and their comical landings and territorial disputes over perches.

During island walks, you might surprise a heron or egret wading in the shallows along the shore. Sandpipers, ruddy turnstones and other shore birds combe the sand and the rocks along the shore searching for tiny crabs and worms.

Bring your camera and binoculars. We try to get you up close to the wildlife so that you can get that special shot or make that positive identification.