Snorkeling the Florida Keys is a unique experience that will live in your memory forever. Fantastic coral formations and colorful tropical fish abound. Various types of reefs are found in the Islamorada area: nearshore patch reefs, offshore bank reefs, spur and groove reefs

As a guest aboard one of Easy Adventures boats, we move at your pace. You are in charge.  If you want to snorkel in waters as shallow as 3 feet, you can.  If you want to free dive and catch your own lobster for dinner, you can. If you find that the ocean is too bumpy for you, we can move to a more calm location. All our charters are private, so we have only to please you, your family or group and no one else.

If you are just learning and want to start in shallow sand where you can sit down and learn to use the equipment, you can. Lessons are provided at no extra charge.

All snorkelers are provided an inflatable snorkel vest, so you and the captain have nothing to worry about.